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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Anders Breivik is not a 'Christian terrorist'

Anders Breivik is not a ‘Christian terrorist’. He is a terrorist who happens to be a Christian. (If you believe his doctored Facebook page.) There is a massive difference. For example, think of ‘Islamic science’. There is no Islamic science. There was only science which, in many cases, was carried out by men who also just happened to be Muslims.
The Koran and hadiths contain countless eulogies to violence and jihad in the name of Islam and Allah. The New Testament simply does not. And even the violence in the Old Testament, of which there is a lot, is rarely carried out for God. And it is rarely God Himself who sanctifies these many acts of violence. In fact, most of the examples of violence contained are simply parts of various Old Testament narratives (some historical, some fictional). So the Muslims and Leftists who have jumped on this case of 'Christian terrorism' should question their own motives first.

The other point is that the vast majority of Christians are not literalists towards the New Testament - let alone towards the sometimes violent Old Testament. Every word is these two books is not meant to be 'the word of God'. The words are, in fact, mainly narratives told by various historical and fictional characters.

With Islam, on the other hand, every single word in the Koran must be believed and acted upon by every Muslim. Every single word came from Allah himself. It is, in effect, Allah speaking to all Muslims. In that strong sense, every Muslim is by definition both a fundamentalist and a literalist. And it is these things alone which utterly distinguish Christians and Christianity from Muslims and Islam.

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