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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Hey! Karl Dallas - not Deir Yassin again!

[Image right: Karl Dallas acquiring the truth from exotic Palestinians.]

Bradford’s supreme self-publicist and Palestinophile, or ‘peace activist’ according to Bradford’s Telegraph & Argus (though he isn’t against wars fought by Muslims, Communists or socialists), Karl Dallas, is producing to radio play which will tell the story of the massacre of Palestinian villagers at Deir Yassin by satanic Zionists in 1948. Needless to say, Mr Karl Dallas has chosen one-hell-of-a-cliché-of-a-massacre. One which has been constantly referred to by leftists, Muslims and Palestinians in all their desperate propaganda wars.

Having been a useful fool in Palestine itself (on many occasions), Karl Dallas would clearly have been told the truth - and nothing but the truth - about Deir Yassin by the many supporters of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.

So, in the end, yet another hip leftist has ignored the much worse massacres or genocides of the 20th century. It will not be a play about the massacre of over a million Armenians by Muslim Turks. (The maximum body counter for Deir Yassin is 107 deaths.) It will not be a play about the killing of tens of thousands of Kurds by the Sunni Muslim regime of Saddam Hussein. It will not be about the ethnic cleansing and killing of over two million southern Sudanese Christians and animists (as well as of ‘negro’ - or non-Arab - Muslims). Or, for that matter, the millions of Shia Muslims killed by Sunni Muslims and vice versa. Nor will it be about Stalin’s murder of well over 20 million of his own people or Chairman Mao's similar penchant for killing millions of his own people. (+ Hebron, Congo, Nigeria, Somalia, southern Thailand, etc.)

Yes, you guessed it. Karl Dallas, who’s a fan of the Communist Morning Star, basically ignores all the massacres and genocides not carried out by ‘Western capitalist powers’ and, of course, by Israel.

It is strange that Bradford and the T & A give this extreme leftist so much time and publicity when they wouldn’t allow any kind of far-rightist even a moment’s time to pump out his propaganda.

This is how shallow and hip (or shallow because hip) these leftists are – both young and old.

*) Anyone who would like to take part in this project can contact Mr Karl Dallas on 07880770721. This propagandistic rubbish is to be broadcast on BCB radio on April 23 and 29, at 10am.

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