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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Bradford’s Dawud Islam, Green, defects to Respect

A Green Party candidate in last week’s Bradford West by-election, Dawud Islam, has defected to the Respect Party and will stand in the local elections next month.
I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that George Galloway’s Respect took the seat which Dawud Islam (Green Party) also fought. He came sixth out of eight candidates, polling only 481 votes.

Was this an act of treachery (at least for the Green Party) or simply a road-to-Damascus about-turn? (Of the kind George Galloway might have had while visiting his old pal, Bashar Assad, in Syria.)
Or was it a shameful, opportunist deep sniff, on Dawud Islam’s part, of where the current (Islamotrotskyist) power is in Bradford?

Dawud Islam hints at the idea the Green Party and Respect are both part of a continuum of ‘progressive left-wing politics in this country’. But surely the Greens don’t have the requisite ideologies and thuggishness of Islamotrotskyist groups like Respect (as well as of the Socialist Workers Party, out of which Respect was born).

On the subject of Respect. Mr Galloway has predicted that his party – or is it Salma Yaqoob’s party? – would win ‘up to 15 seats’ (isn’t a single seat ‘up to 15 seats’?) in next month’s election. He also said that Respect will be fielding candidates in all Council wards.

All in all, then, this constitutes one almost-giant step towards more communalist (Islamist) politics in the UK and possibly even the birth pang of a future civil war in Bradford (as elsewhere) between Islamists, Muslims and their Trotskyist/Communist suckers on the one side, and just about everyone else on the other side.

As for our Dawud Islam. He will be standing for the Respect Party in Clayton and Fairweather Green in the May 3rd local elections. This is just as well because I don’t think that Respect, or Islam, will register even a single vote in Woodside, Buttershaw, Wibsey, Holmewood or any other area which is not yet an Islamic/Muslim ghetto. As I said. George Galloway is welcoming us all to communalist/ghetto politics – and we all know whose side he’s on.


  1. Are Dawud Islam & George Galloway pedophiles?

    1. Rubbish article...George n Dawud or also known Dave Edler are true honest politicians. This article is written based on prejudice and no research or interviews were made to justify those accusations. Opportunists are people like the author himself.these are cowards!

    2. "Rubbish article..."

      That's truly fascinating.

      "George n Dawud or also known Dave Edler are true honest politicians."

      Do you mean you agree with them, politically?

      "This article is written based on prejudice and no research or interviews were made to justify those accusations."

      Do you mean you disagree with me, politically?

      Don't try to dress up your political disagreement. Especially since you do that so badly.

      "Opportunists are people like the author himself.these are cowards!"

      You sound like a Muslim due to your lack of skill with the English language.

  2. Are you larry? And look at the tone is written in. With all the mighty problems we have you 2 fools decide to write this crap. LOL

  3. This is truly nonsense article written by a person who has no principle in his life.