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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Hamas Compared to 'British Nationalists'

Jack Waldron: ‘hamas are what british nationalists will be like in 50 years fighting for our freedom against a nazi jew led regime.’

‎'Jew-led'? Don’t you mean ZIONIST-LED?

Are the Israelis 'Nazi' for real or just for propaganda purposes? Did the Nazis commit themselves to democratically-elected governments, a Supreme Court which acted against the them, allowed other parties to exist which call for the death of the Nazi state? Or are you a student into the pro-Palestine cause for the callow and shallow reasons of so many Leftist students.

Does using the word 'Nazi' stop the need for genuine political thought or did you use it to try and blackmail Israel into seeing itself as being like its previous killers? Or do you, Jack, only think with Leftist and Islamist soundbites and platitudes - even if you are a right-wing Nazi?

What a disgrace - saying that British nationalists would ever be like Hamas. For a start, Hamas was only formed in 1986 - hardly fifty years ago. Fifty years ago there was no state of Palestine for Palestinians to get bothered about. There still is no Palestine state because there never has been any infrastructure, civil service, etc. to make up a state. They have had the chance many times. It was only after the 1967 war - again, not 'fifty years' ago - that pan-Arabism lost out to Palestinian 'nationalism'. And before Israeli 'oppression', in the 1920s and 30s, there was still not real nation state of infrastructure in Palestine - besides the Nazi Mufti and his henchmen.

Unlike Hamas, British nationalists don't want to claim the entire world for God - as Hamas does for Allah.

Hamas arose not out of ‘desperation’, but as a group which would be totally against every 'peace process'.

They don't like nationalism in any form. Allah does not circumscribe any currently-existing state. Hamas, therefore, are Islamist anti-nationalists who don't believe there is any culture or civilisation exterior to Islam. They bring about the violence in order to destabilise nationalisms and the bringing into existence of a Palestinian state. Every time we come close to peace or Palestinian statehood, Hamas fucks it up because they are fighting for Allah's universal empire, not for a tiny state called 'Palestine'.

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