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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

George Galloway mouths-off in Bradford about Afghanistan

George Galloway has struck already and he's only been in Bradford a couple of weeks. And he he's done what he always does - put his foot in it. Or, rather, he has intentionally put his foot in it (if that's possible). What I mean is that Gorgeous George is a publicity-seeker - or just a plain exhibitionist. In order to exhibit or publicise himself he knows that he has to say something controversial. Only that will assure him publicity in the Telegraph & Argus and elsewhere.

Galloway's latest comments-for-the-camera has been classed as 'shameful, derogatory and out-of-touch'. Indeed they are. They are shameful because they show no respect for British soldiers - alive or dead. They are derogatory for similar reasons. And they are out-of-touch because George the Exhibitionist's very extremism is bound to make him out-of-touch with most people - except the Islamists and Trotskyists of the his Respect Party.

Galloway believes that British soldiers have 'died in vain' in Afghanistan. (He believes exactly the same thing about those who died in Iraq, as well as those who died in the Falklands all those years ago.) But he doesn't believe this only because the war in Afghanistan is 'un-winnable', as many other people - of varying political persuasions - do. He believes that the war, or ‘occupation', is wrong in the first place regardless of the number of dead British soldiers. That is, Galloway believes that the West is responsible for the rise and existence of both the Taliban and al-Qaeda and therefore we can't destroy that which we have effectively created.

So it's not primarily a concern for the lives of British soldiers that concerns Galloway. No. It is his ideological stance against all interventions - or wars - carried out by ‘Western capitalist powers’ - no matter why we intervene or what the reasons for each war are.

The terrible thing about Galloway's latest exhibition of himself is that it was only a week or so ago that Yorkshire lost eight of its military men in Afghanistan. Or, as the Liberal Democrat's Jeanette Sunderland put it:

'Barely a week after the brave men of the Yorkshire Regiment were repatriated, George Galloway is telling their parents, relatives and friends that they died in vain.'
Sadiq Khan in Bradford

Bradford has also played host to Labour's Shadow Justice Secretary, Sadiq Khan.

Khan visited Bradford's Carlisle Business Centre, which I think is in the Muslim ghetto of Manningham.

Do you recognise or remember this man? He's the guy you can find on a You Tube video speaking at some 'Islamic Conference' about how the day will come when Parliament is made up entirely of Muslim MPs. Quite revolutionary, eh? I wonder what George Galloway thinks of that prospect.

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