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Friday, 30 March 2012

Bradford: Galloway wins - and brings full sharia law nearer

George Galloway has won the Bradford West by-election for the Respect party (which is led by the Islamotrotskyist, Salma Yaqoob).

He secured a landslide victory in the Bradford West by-election. Now Labour admits that they didn't see it coming.The Respect founder secured 18,341 votes - a majority of 10,140 .The Labour party was knocked into second place with just 8,201 votes.

This dramatic victory with a 10,000-plus majority in what Galloway called a 'massive rejection' of mainstream parties. But was it more a vote for Islam and for Muslims who are predictably against what’s going on in Afghanistan, etc?

This will have been a mighty shock for Labour, which has held the seat since 1974, and which comfortably retained it at the last general election with an increased majority of 5,763. This will have also made it clear to Labour - as clear as a punch in the face - that no matter how many Muslim block votes they have obtained in the past, if they failed to carry out the will of Bradford’s Muslims yesterday, they will be punished today.

Now George Galloway will be seen in Parliament – and he'll be there frequently. (Galloway’s a clinical exhibitionist.) He hasn’t been in Westminster since giving up his Bethnal Green and Bow seat and then failed to win another constituency in 2010.

More precisely, the Labour party's candidate, deputy council leader and barrister Imran Hussain, was the bookies' favourite up until his defeat. This shows us that even being a Muslim is sometimes not enough for the Pakistani tribes and tribal elders of Bradford. That is, they may simply think that Imran Hussain is little more than a ‘nominal Muslim’, a Uncle Tom or a ‘poster boy’ for the infidel parties (such as Labour).

Even Labour’s Mizz Harman told BBC Radio 4's Today that

‘there were twice as many people who voted for Respect as voted for Labour. People who a week ago said they would support us but when it came to the vote they voted for Respect.

‘There is a particular problem in Bradford. I don’t think we can jump to any conclusions.’

A what is that ‘particular problem', Mizz Harman? The interviewer on Radio 4 asked Harman that question three or four times. Harman systematically failed to answer it. So let me do so instead. That particular problem is Bradford’s massive number of Muslims who vote in blocks, according to what village in Pakistan they are affiliated to and/or what the ‘tribal elders’ say. And guess what, these block votes of Muslims primarily vote in terms of their religion – Islam. Thus Afghanistan, Iraq and sharia law will be of primary importance to Bradford’s Muslims.

What other sorts of thing do Bradford Muslims want (or at least those who voted for Galloway)? Things such as pulling out of Afghanistan, the prosecution of Tony Blair for ‘war crimes’ (in respect of the Iraq war) and the increase in scope of sharia law. (Such as an Islamic blasphemy law, which will deal with the EDL and anyone else who dares to criticise Islam, the Koran or Muhammed.)

The full candidates list was:

Neil Craig (Democratic Nationalists)
George Galloway (Respect)
Howling Laud Hope (Monster Raving Loony William Hill Party)
Imran Hussain (Lab)

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