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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Will Cameron’s aid go to Somalia’s Islamists?

DAVID Cameron has just pledged millions to war-torn Somalia. He will be unveiling an extra £33million in aid to the country, famous for its terrorism. The gift means that UK payouts to Somalia will rise to nearly £220million in the next three years.
What is it with our leaders indiscriminately throwing taxpayers’ money in every direction? Do they think they will be loved all the more for doing so? Are they proving to us, through their commitment to aid, how deeply caring and multicultural they are?

It’s not our politicians who ultimately pay, in the end, for all of this. It is not our leaders who reap the consequences of aiding, or funding, Islamic states and Islamic institutions. Their obsessive attempts to appear as good and charitable men will often end in more suffering and death, not less, as well as of Islam’s greater control of the world.

This time it’s the hell-hole Somalia that’s getting our cash - an extra £33 million of it. This adds up to £220 million over the next three years

I suppose that the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, got it just right when he said that Somalia is ‘the world’s most failed state’. It even beats Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan (all Muslim) as a contender for the worst Islamic hell on earth.

In the case of Somalia, isn’t it largely the case that this country’s famine is due to the civil wars there as well as a consequence of the brutality and mindlessness of the Islamists? Of course this can be read the other way around. The Islamic hell in Somalia is a consequence of the famines rather than being the cause of them. Perhaps it’s a mixture of the two - Islamist brutality both causes famine situations and is the consequence of them.

So David Cameron wants to chuck more cash at Somalia. However, he also had the audacity to say that the ‘problems in Somalia can only ultimately be solved by the people of Somalia’. Yes! He can say that again!

The other problem, highlighted by Emma Boon of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, is that all this aid - all this money - could be ‘lost to corruption in this highly volatile area’.

So even if Somalia were ‘stabilised’, in Cameron’s terms, we could still simply face (Islamic) state terrorism or state-supported terrorism instead, as is in the slightly more stable example of Sudan, as well as of Pakistan and Iran. State stability will not automatically solve the problem of militant Islam or Islamic terrorism.

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