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Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Thoughts of Chairman George [Clooney]

[Image above: a Champagne Democrat.]

Meet the great political theorist and moral philosopher, George Clooney. (Interviewed today in the Times.)

So what’s in Gorgeous George’s Little Red Book? Apparently, America’s economy is ‘in the shitter’. Then there’s the profound, ‘“Oh, two wars” they say. Well, who started those?’ The answer is George Bush, according to George Clooney, and no one or nothing else. Saddam Hussein’s massacring and torturing of his own people, his being a threat to the Middle East - and perhaps the world - had nothing to do with the Iraq War.

And then there’s the other war started by George Bush (Afghanistan). The Taliban’s destruction of an entire country, their providing (potentially) a massive terrorist base for al-Qaeda, and the oppression of women (with acid thrown in their faces for good measure), had nothing to do with that war either. Clooney, being a Demoncrat, will think it’s ‘all about pipelines’ and whatnot.

The major problem for the Demoncrats is not their policies or political theories. It is the fact that they ‘are not good at selling themselves successfully’. And that’s why President Obama should seek Hollywood’s guidance, according to Mr Clooney.

Hollywood will give Obama a decent supply of saleable pieces of propaganda. The politicians have already ‘come to Hollywood for money’, but they haven’t gone there ‘for what we do well’. What’s that? Well, ‘we know how to sell products’.

At least Clooney is honest about American politics: it’s all about money and selling things - even selling political parties and policies.

Chairman George is also good at the succinct encapsulation of contemporary American politicians. Take Romney. Clooney says that ‘he doesn’t completely believe all he is saying’. Newt Gingrich, on the other hand, ‘can sell it to you’. Sell what? Crack? Detergent? As for Mr Biden. He too ‘should sit down with’ various Hollywood producers.

Clooney is also a economics guru. He believes in ‘a fair tax for the rich’. If this man’s that bothered about fairness and equality, why doesn’t he give his money away in a manner which is completely independent of the state and of income tax? I’m short of a few bob. He could give me a couple of quid. I’m, personally, a very respectable charity.

In the 19th century, and after, rich philanthropists gave money away, and invested massively in people, in a manner which was completely distinct from the state. And that’s the point. Republicans think that most - or all - tax is a political and personal imposition. Although I don’t think Clooney is necessarily for ‘socialism’ in the European style/sense; he does admit to being in favour of ‘the redistribution of wealth’. Being a right-wing (sort of) Englishman, rather than an American Republican, I’m not utterly against all forms of taxation - and certainly not in principle. However, whatever position I want to adopt on tax, or on politics generally, I don’t need advice from a Hollywood actor like Chairman George.

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