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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Rochdale’s reaction to the Muslim grooming gangs

A takeaway at the centre of a child sex case was attacked and police pelted with bricks in a riot sparked by the trial.

The takeaway was targeted by a crowd of 150 in a demonstration.

Police confirmed that the protest in Heywood, near Rochdale in Greater Manchester, was linked to the trial in Liverpool at which Muslim men, of Pakistani origin, are accused of sex offences against under-age girls.

*) What did Superintendent Chris Hankinson, of Rochdale Police, mean, exactly, when he claimed that ‘there were clear racial elements’ to what happened? Were people in Heywood targeting a particular race, say blacks or Chinese? Were they targeting any race? Or is it simply the case, nowadays, that criticism of Muslims, or action taken against Muslims, is deemed ‘racist’ or ‘racial’ as a matter of definition? Certainly the mindset of the police, councillors and politicians have brought it about that now all Muslims constitute a single race - all the better to control any anti-Muslim sentiment or action. And the Religious and Racial Hatred Act of 2006 has effectively fused race and religion. Islam/Muslims are now treated as a race. Again, all the better and easier to control anti-Muslim sentiment and action by classing them all as ‘racist’, as the 2006 Law intended to do.

Of course the fact that the police are still not seeing this grooming and paedophilia case as a crime of Muslims as Muslims, effectively means that nowt’s gonna really get done about this problem. If the clear and obvious link between abusing and grooming kuffar/infidel girls and Islam, then we will continue to have this problem - which is already massive in the North West of England.

Colin Lambert, the leader of Rochdale Council, has ordered the people of Rochdale to ‘keep the cohesion together’. A remark both ungrammatical and vacuous. Nothing’s going to affect Community Cohesion - or Embraced Diversity - more than hordes of Muslim men sharing very young non-Muslims girls with each other and for sexual gratification as well as for Islamic supremacy. The behaviour of these Muslims is the thing which will fracture Community Cohesion. It already has. And hiding the Muslim element, or even lying about it by talking about ‘Asian gangs’, will not make the communities of Rochdale cohesive.

In Rochdale, and the North West generally, everyone knows about Muslim males pimping and grooming non-Muslim girls – usually white, but sometimes Sikh and Hindu – on a very large scale

It is clear that Muslims quite deliberately seek out non-Muslim or white girls. Why is that? The answer is quite simple:

they are kuffar and thus they deserve to be groomed/pimped.

Indeed if Muslims hate all kuffar, and women and not as valuable as men, then you can guess what they think of female kuffar – they are ‘sluts’ and ‘slags’. (All: from the girls on the council estates to the women in the universities.) And, just as the Koran forges the Islamic attitude of Muslims to the kuffar, so it forges the Muslim male’s negative attitude towards women in general.
Many people have already admitted the community-specificity of the problem, but don’t want to say that it is a problem with Muslim men. They say that ‘all ethnic groups have gangs’. Yes, sure. But do all these other gangs systematically seek out girls from other ethnic groups to exploit because their religion encourages them to do so? (The Koran calls it ‘booty’.) I doubt it.

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