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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Press TV is dead - long live Iran’s Red Hot Politics Show

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lost his English-language propaganda channel, Press TV, two weeks ago. That means that Press TV has also lost the services of our own George Galloway, as well as of John Rees. [Image right: Galloway, Rees and German.]
(Rees, a former leader of the Socialist Workers Party, concentrated on telling Press TV viewers how uniquely evil Israel is, when compared to the angelic Hamas and Hezbollah.) No doubt other UK Islamotrot traitors and hypocrites have also been killed off too.

Anyway. Don’t worry. Madmood Amaddinnerjacket has already ‘bounced back’ with some new TV shows on a new TV channel. In fact, its shows have already beamed into Hugo Chav’s Venezuela and other Islamocommie countries. (Communists are the Marxists who either gain power and have power. Trotskyists are the ones who spend all their lives fighting for power in their ‘permanent revolution’. Actually, when Trots gain power, they become communists.)

Amaddinnerjacket has always had a taste for tasteless phrases - great examples of the embarrassing political romanticism of the Islamic world. For example, this new TV channel is fighting against ‘dominance seekers’ in the West. He has also said, in response to questions about Iran’s nuclear capability, that Iran will ‘capture higher summits’. (He has used the latter example more than once, which must have taken some cheek.)

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Ali Akbar, has certainly got one thing right recently. In response to questions about the new TV channel, Akbar said that ‘media power is as important as military power’. You can say that again. This partly explains the copious amounts of Hezbollah TV which is beamed into Gaza and the West Bank.

So let’s ‘capture higher summits’ together.

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