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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Page 3 girls and Sartre’s Being and Nothingness

Dominic Mohan, the editor of the Sun, has just ‘argued’ that Page 3 models ‘promote natural beauty’ and are also ‘good role models’. Can you believe that these comments were spoken at the Leverson Inquiry this week? (An inquiry into the ‘standards and behaviour’ of our tabloid press.)

Many people, mainly female journos, have taken the piss out of Dominic Mohan’s comment that Page 3 models ‘promote natural beauty’. Well, many - not all - Page 3 models are indeed beautiful. I’m not sure about ‘natural’. What does that word mean in this context? Feminist writers may well claim that Page 3 women are ‘artificial’, rather than natural. Perhaps some feminists would prefer it if Page 3 models wore underwear made out of tree bark or wore eco-friendly perfume made from cow dung. Perhaps they’d even like their models with Adolph Hitler moustaches and pubic birds’ nests overflowing their bark knickers. Oh yeh! And slices of wholemeal bread for bras.

Dominic Mohan should just face the fact that he’s not a feminist or a supporter of feminism. Either that or he could tell us why Page 3 models don’t necessarily conflict with feminism or equal rights for women. That would all depend on what we mean by ‘feminism’/’feminists’. It may be laughable to say that Page 3 girls are ‘good role models; but I have heard bona fide feminist writers saying, for example, that porno models are often liberated businesswomen and then add that a model, named Annabel Chong, had sex with over 251 men on stage and all in a row. She was being ‘sexually liberated’?

So you may be in favour of Page 3 models and still think that Mohan’s rationalisations are very silly or supremely artificial. In any case, why are Page 3 models always singled out by feminists and others? It was true that Richie Richards (the master masturbator), along with his flatmate, Eddie Elizabeth Hitler, had so many copies of Cosmopolitan
under his mattress that his nose touched the ceiling when he was lying in bed. When people say, ‘Size doesn’t matter’, ‘Cosmo’ replies: ‘Oh yes it does!’ And the intelligent bird on the cover, parading under the Eiffel Tower with Sartre’s Being and Nothingness in hand, does believe that ‘outer-beauty’ matters and that ‘size matters’ too.
So let’s cool down... I wonder if my fellow Brummie chappess, Claire Short (see Page 3 image at the top), fancies a night out on Broad Street.

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