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Thursday, 2 February 2012

NATO tells us stuff we already know about the Pakistan-Taliban alliance

Pakistan, like Saudi Arabia, is a hypocritical and deceitful (taqiyya-using?) state. It has two - or more - faces. It shows one face to the West - specifically to the United States. And it shows the other face to the Islamic world - primarily, in this case, to the Taliban and Afghanistan generally.
David Cameron was right to say that Pakistan always tends to ‘look both ways’. That’s true. The thing is, everyone but the butler knows, and has known, that this is true. So when the freak are we going to do something about it?

Of course the Pakistani state supports the Taliban. Of course its sympathises, or worse, with al-Qaeda and thus also supported Osama Bin Laden. Of course it it hides this sympathy and support from the West. Pakistan is frightened of loosing a certain degree of power but, most importantly, perhaps, of loosing loads of Western cash.

So nothing genuinely new has come to light with the State of the Taliban - a secret ISAF document based upon over 27,000 ‘interrogations’ of over 4,000 insurgents detained in Afghanistan. The secret document was meant for NATO commanders but it has been commandeered, so to speak, by the British press.

As I said, there’s not much that is genuinely new in this copious document. All it will do is codify, reaffirm and strengthen much of the already-existing criticism of the Pakistani state - and not just of its Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). The fact is that the ISI couldn’t survive without the help of the Pakistani state. It is (part of) that state. And, which is the real problem, perhaps the Pakistani state couldn’t survive without the ISI.

Many ‘insurgents’ in the Taliban also know what’s going on. How could they fail to? And they aren’t entirely happy. They are well aware that Pakistan requires chaos and bloodshed in Afghanistan for geopolitical reasons. Primarily, the chaotic nature of that godforsaken place acts towards limiting the power and influence of President Karzai, who Pakistan sees as being too pro-Western and even, God forbid, as being too pro-Indian.

One graphic example of this ISI Big-Brother status, vis-a-vis the Taliban, is a statement made by a former Taliban - now al-Qaeda - commander. He said that ‘Pakistan knows everything.’ He continued: ‘I can’t piss on a tree in Konar without them watching.’

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