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Friday, 17 February 2012

How Muslims use InterFaith - InterFaith= Islamic Da'wah

[Left: the former Grand Mufti of Egypt, and lover of InterFaith love-ins (but only in the UK), sheik Sayyid Tantawi. He loved Jews when InterFaithing in the UK; but believed that they should be nuked when back home in Egypt. Top: the InterFaith dhimmis and/or Islamophiles at TFF swallowed all of Tantawi's taqiyya without even coming up for air.]

Muslims ‘believe in inter-faith dialogue’. They are ‘upholders’ of InterFaith. They ‘simply adore’ going to interfaith meetings. They want Community Cohesion and they think that we should all Embrace Diversity.

InterFaith meetings are a gateway to all these lovely things.

Take the case of Sayyid Tantawi. He wasn't an everyday Muslim. (The Muslim spokesman of the Dudley Muslim Association - who likes his little InterFaith meetings with the Bishop of Dudley, especially when the building of a new mosque was under threat as a result of EDL protests - is an everyday InterFaithing Muslim.) Tantawi was a bigwig Muslim. He was the sheikh of Al-Azhar Mosque in Egypt (He died in 2010 and was a former Grand Mufti of Egypt.) The Al-Azhar Mosque is ‘the most important centre of mainstream Islam in the Arab world’.

However, more relevant than Tantawi once holding these prestigious positions in the Muslim world, was his important position in the world of InterFaith. He was a patron of the UK-based Three Faiths Forum. This is basically an InterFaith jamboree for Muslims, Christians and, believe it or not, Jews. (No Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, etc. allowed! They aren’t ‘Abrahamic faiths’ or ‘people of the book’.)

So what kind of Muslim was Sayyid Tantawi? Let’s judge him by what sort of things he said (at least vis-a-vis this InterFaith business).

In April, 2002, the Middle East Media Research Institute translated one of Tantawi’s sermons. He said that the Jews are ‘the enemies of Allah, sons of pigs and apes’.

Earlier than that, at a 1999 conference on nuclear policy in Egypt, the sheik demanded that Muslims ‘acquire nuclear weapons’. He explained it thus:

‘If Israel has nuclear weapons it will be the first to be defeated because it lives in a world in which there is no fear of death.’

(Israel has had nuclear weapons for over thirty years and never used them. Some say that if Iran, or Hamas, or Hezbollah, etc. acquired any form of nuclear weapon, then they would use it almost immediately on Israel. Yet Leftists like Chomsky and the SWP still believe that Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons is one of ‘the biggest threats to world peace’!)

None of this is anti-Jew stuff is a surprise when it comes from a Arab or Iranian Muslim religious or political leader. Take the case of the predecessor of Ahmadinejad in Iran, Hashemi Rafsanjani. In 2001 he ‘speculated’ that

‘in a nuclear exchange with Israel his country might lose 15 million people, which would amount to a small ‘sacrifice’ from among the one billion Muslims worldwide in exchange for the lives of five million Israeli Jews.'

(As for Muslims ‘loving death more than life’. There are very many quotes from Muslims saying precisely this - and not all of them are from Hamas and Hezbollah.)

To get back to Tantawi. You would expect an Arab sheikh to say some pretty nasty things about the Jews (as above). However, you wouldn’t expect him to be honest about the reality of InterFaith .

In 1998, when the Israel/Palestine peace process seemed, on the surface, to be progressing, Tantawi was interviewed by Al-Jazeera. (That meant that he could be more honest about InterFaith, and everything Islamic, than had he been talking to the Guardian or the Birmingham Post.) Al-Jazeera asked him about his meeting with Israel’s chief rabbi. He was asked:

‘Is there any benefit to these kinds of meetings?’

Tantawi answered:

‘Of course. On the personal level, I attacked him and proved to him that Islam is the religion of truth... I think that whoever refuses to meet with the enemy in order to slap him in the face is a coward, as long as the meeting serves Islam.’

The ironic thing about all this is that a writer questioned the UK’s Three Faiths Forum about having such a bigot and, more relevantly, such a hypocrite (vis-a-vis InterFaith - though he wasn’t a hypocrite in the Al-Jazeera interview) as its patron. What was this InterFaith group’s response to that entirely legitimate question? It immediately cut off communication with the questioner. Full stop. Don’t rock the boat that is InterFaith (as well as Community Cohesion and Diversity, multiculturalism, etc. ), eh?

InterFaith is One Way to Spread Islam, Here are a Few Others

Everything said about InterFaith, both here and elsewhere, can also be said about most ‘anti-racist’ and ‘anti-fascist’ groups (such as Unite Against Fascism, Respect and the Socialist Workers Party here in the UK). They too are being used by Muslims to advance not just Islam, but also Islamism.

However, it’s not entirely one way (but it’s nearly so). Just as Trot groups attempt to ‘harness the revolutionary potential of Muslims’ (the SWP’s Chris Molyneux) to further the Trot revolution, so Methodist and Anglican InterFaithers are using, not Muslims, but InterFaith itself, to further their own theo-political agendas.

In addition, many other non-Trot and non-InterFaith ‘anti-racist’ groups are dominated by Muslims - which isn’t very multi-racial. Here again there is deceit. They are not fighting against racism at all. (Muslims do not constitute a race which can be an object of racism.) They are fighting for Islamism in the guise of fighting against racism. And since Islam is basically an Arab(ophile) religion, and many Muslim Arabs are themselves acutely racist (something many non-Arab Muslims attempt to emulate), this deceit about anti-racism shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

Finally, what was firstly said about InterFaith, and then about ‘anti-racist’ groups, can now be applied to Human Rights groups and also about the language of human rights. Islamists use Human Rights groups (or are allowed to by Leftist human rights activists). Islamists even have the audacity to use the language of Western human rights in order to spread Islamism. (For example, Muslimahs, along with Unite Against Fascism/SWP, recently protested against the burqa ban with slogans obviously and blatantly stolen from rights groups and from Western feminists; such as ‘a women’s right to choose’, etc.) Clearly this is the case with those Human Rights groups, such as JUST West Yorkshire and Liberty, who seem to have a very special friendship with Islamists. (That is, all those 'rights groups’ which made a song and a dance about Guantanamo Bay and Moazzam Baig’s treatment there.)

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