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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Get Abu Qatada the f**k out of the UK!

Aspects of the European Union are just so outrageous, and so at odds with the British people (perhaps also with the French, German, etc. people) that you start to feel that you must be missing something - something big.

The Europhiles always say that the Eurosceptics make a big deal about various silly European cases. For example, the latest yarn, told by David Cameron just for a laugh, is about a man who went to Strasbourg seeking 90 euros in compensation because a coach from Bucharest to Madrid didn’t have reclining seats.

Yeah! Ha! Ha!

But what about the case of the Islamoterrorist, or at least the terrorism enabler, called Abu Qatada (once also known as Osama Bin Laden’s ambassador in Europe) winning the right to stay in Britain after the Strasbourg Court ruled that he might not get a ‘fair trial’ in Jordan (where he is wanted for conspiring to carry out bombings)? What about that? Funny?

Again. Ha! Ha!

And here the joke gets even funnier. If this judgement (if it’s a judgement at all) is upheld, Abu Qatada will be freed from prison and then allowed to live on benefits with his wife and his five proto-terrorist children.

Yeah! Really funny!

David Cameron is in the right on this one. Though perhaps he too is taking too much crap from the Strasbourg Court and other EU entities.

His main argument is that the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is actually working against the concept - or even the reality - of human rights. More specifically, Cameron has said that Europe has ‘distorted’ the now ‘discredited concept’ of human rights. It has done so by tying the hands of a British Government which is trying to deal with terror suspects like Qatada. In the end, then, we are left with

‘circumstances in which you cannot try them [terrorists]’, you cannot detain them and you cannot deport them’.

Again. Ha! Ha!

And who would have guessed - everyone would have guessed! - that after stating his worries (at the Strasbourg headquarters of the Council of Europe), Cameron would receive a torrent of hostile questions - thirty minutes’ worth - from European MPs and MEPs. You see, these Europhiles believe that even Cameron is for human rights (whatever that means) and even in favour of the ‘dream’ of a closer union in Europe. What would you expect from a gang of fat men in suits and ties crying (again) for the continued feathering of their already-opulent European nest? Jobsworth men in suits and ties bigging themselves up by talking about ‘human rights’ and other such ‘nonsense of stilts’.

The story of the guy on the coach is indeed mildly funny. But what about the one about the European institution allowing an Islamoterrorist - and other freaks - ‘an extra bite of the cherry’ (Cameron’s words) in order to avoid a just and legitimate deportation? Is that funny?

So let’s have Cameron’s ‘filter’ system which will hopefully weed out such funny and vexatious cases. Better still, let’s get the hell out of Europe. You know it makes sense.


  1. They just want to try and make us bow down which we will never, ever do! The only way they can ever get one over on us is to try and cause a civil war. I sm ure we'll have one soon but it won't be because they have deliberately sent us all the arseholes! It'll be because we ourselves caused it. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK EUROLAND!!

  2. The Royal Family & the Saudi Arabs are GREAT friends!

    Get rid of both!