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Friday, 30 December 2011

The racist crimes which are Jeremy Clarkson’s jokes

The main question to ask is whether or not Jeremy Clarkson really takes his jokes seriously, morally or politically, and hides a real malice - and even viciousness - underneath them, as it were. Who knows?
In this latest case we must also ask if it is indeed ‘racist’ at all ‘to mock Indian culture’ in any way. It depends. It can be. However, sometimes there will be no hidden genuine racism to such mockeries.

What does ‘racism’ mean in these contexts anyway? Is it simply racist when a man of one culture mocks or parodies an aspect or person of another culture? Surely it can’t be racist by definition to mock another culture. What happens when other cultures mock English culture, as they do? Is that racist too? Marxists would argue that when a ‘white’ Englishman mocking a third-world country or a country with brown/black subjects/citizens it is inherently racist because England is an ex-colonial power and has a ‘racist history’. That is, white nations have ‘political power’vis-a-vis third-world or, say, Muslim/Arabic cultures. However, there’s no reason to except these Marxist theories.

Jeremy Clarkson, this time, had a ‘dig’ at India’s clothing, trains, toilets, food and history. So we must examine the content of these digs whilst not loosing sight of the simple fact they were, after all, just meant to be jokes.

Take the example of Clarkson’s joke of having a toilet seat affixed to the boot of his Jaguar and the fact he said that ‘everyone who comes to India gets the trots’. Is it false to say that a lot of foreigners get the ‘trots’ whilst visiting India? I don’t think so. Are most Indian toilets unhygienic? I reckon so, vis-a-vis English toilets.

So what racist crime is Clarkson actually committing? The crime of telling the truth about India (or anywhere else)? Or is it the racist crime of taking the piss out of certain negative factors about India? Who knows. Who cares.
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  1. Did agree with thus article until I saw that instead of writing 'accept' you wrote 'except', if you can't even get simple words right how can you expect anyone to believe you when the article looks like it was written by a cretin who failed GCSE English?

  2. Did you 'agree with THUS article' Ass an?